Chalkidiki – Because nothing compares to Chalkidiki


I consider myself as a moderate, well-behaving and more or less easy going person (who doesn’t actually) and therefore I try to know, taste and visit new places during my holiday.  I believe in the most emphatic what Voltaire said «that life is a process based on experinece» and though I am a full-time mom of a 5year old boy and I try in my very limited time to visit places that have a certain culture or beaty, Chalkidiki always is one of my choises because :

– it smells summer throughout it’s «legs,»
– my childish reminense is untouched,
– you never care of the weather (always sunny), the people (friendly and happy), the sea (always blue),
– it’s the only place where I don’t need internet connection; the sun, the sea and the breeze are keeping me relaxed with no need for internet and finally,
– it’s only one hour drive from where we live.


I could go on and on but words and phrases cannot describe the feeling I get everytime we visit our «paradise» and I wish to all of you who haven’t visited it yet, to put out on your schedule and you won’t regret it – and that’s a mom’s word…



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