KAFTAN : City’s summer look.

We are starting to count  down  the end of summer, but in the  city   the heat stands still especially now  that vacations end and we  only have left  the weekends and some time in  hotel pools….

Every one of us in the vacation bag puts a kaftan, the best choice either for summer dinner night or  wearing from the morning  with the swimsuit until the end of the day….always chic. 
Now back in the city,  the kaftan is  again the  best choice together with a pair sandals for the morning jobs.


There is my choices from my «Kaftan city look»!

KAFTAN by momwithsneakers.blogspot.com

Vita Kin embroidered dress, €2.995 / Vita Kin embroidery dress, €2.930 / March11 maxi dress, €845 / March11 sleeved dress, €785 / March11 travel dress, €560 / Maje embroidered dress, €140 / ViX loose top, €195 Ancient Kallos 

Δημοσιεύτηκε από τον momwithsneakersblog

Mom and blogger


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