As we move towards the last days of August, we feel that summer is slowly leaving us … The truth is that here in Greece, the summer is usually not over by the end of August (especially if the weather is our ally) and therefore we usually continue our sea & sun-filled life until the end of September.

Finally, what is the summer; Sure, you can always tell the well-known cliche «to fill the batteries for winter, sleep, sit in a deck chair and drink cocktails» and so on.  For me, however, summer feels like one’s childhood. Yes, I agree with all the above, but what summer feels to me is the carelessness, the simplicity, the loose days that we had in our childhood (now simply add the alcohol thanks to age).  

Summer offers me all the things that I do not have to do when I am in town. 

A summer house has to be simple,  its residents should not bother not to enter with wet feet and to spoil something, and a courtyard is a perfect place either to drink your morning coffee or relax in the evening sipping a glass of wine.
Walking around all day barefoot in the house, the garden, the sea, your preferred outfit is swimsuit, shirts, sarongs, caftans and finally ……… hat and sunscreen !!!!

Daytime is to spend in quiet beach or in a beach bar, with good company, under the shade of a large umbrella, enjoying a nice picnic with beers or  homemade ouzo snacks….. laugh, stupid dives, rackets, canoe, paddling until you see the amazing sunset and whatever makes you again feel the insouciance that we all need and helps us to comprehend the simplicity of life.

I do not know about you … but for me all that it’s summer!

Some of my favorite snapshots!!

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